In transit

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Thank you all for your patience (assumed anyhow).  As you all know, I’ve been ‘in transit’ moving from London to Cape Town – so apologies for the delay in articles.  My writing was seriously impeded when Sky cancelled my internet a week early and not to mention the burden of packing!  With every box I taped up, I felt the sting of nostalgia. Its truly amazing how many memories came flooding back.  I can’t lie, it’s been an seriously emotional life event.  And for all my preachings of optimism and positive thinking, the reality of it all is particularly intense.  It really does take a lot of self awareness  and patience to keep that ‘little voice’  quiet.  Self doubt is so powerful… Just one whisper and it spreads like wild fire!  It burns your confidence and all of a sudden you find yourself focusing on all the wrong things.  And as you know, the Universe will give you what you focus on…

Charlie Brown

Stay tuned, for in the week coming, I will be putting together a post that helps you with focus and emotional reactions.  For now, I just wanted to reassure you all that I haven’t forgotten about any of you and that The Striped Couch is here to stay.  They say music is the food of love or that music calms the savage beast, here is a track that on of my oldest and dearest friends shared with me.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I assure you it’s a happy tune!  So relax, take a load off… Put in your earphones, sit back and let the music move you…  I think of this as Sci Fi Funk (<—-click this link to open the track).

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